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Fleet Boeing 747-400, MD11, Boeing 757/767, Airbus A300
Bases Louisville KY, Ontario CA, Miami FL, Anchorage AK

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Updated 06/23/11


  • After submission of your application online, you will receive a telephone call verifying your qualifications
    • Must have ATP
    • Must have successfully completed FE within the last 2 years
    • After verifying your qualifications, you will be invited to SDF for an interview
    • Travel to SDF and lodging will be your responsibility
  • Interview takes place in one day and is broken into two events:


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  • Not very heavy on the technical side. I felt like they just wanted to get to know me and see what kind of employee I would be. They kept trying to get me to say something negative about my current company but I kept it positive and I guess it worked out since I'm in the pool.
  • They will give you a crew rate at the Holiday Inn Hurstbourne and have a shuttle to and from the training center.
  • As for as the (past) interview process -> no one verifies you have a current ATP written as only those with an ATP license get calls.  Also, no one verifies that you've been cont... [Continue Reading]