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Fleet Boeing 747-400, Boeing 777, Boeing 767-200/300, Boeing 757, Airbus A319/320, Boeing 737-300/500

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  • As a 13 year employee and someone formerly involved in pilot hiring and training I cannot recommend UAL to anyone in good conscience.  The changes you are currently seeing implemented in the flight management structure and how the pilot managers are used makes it obvious that senior management is planning for limited operations in the event of a pilot strike.  I think there is about a 90% probability of a pilot strike, but management will use every bit of time under this contract as they are able simply because this contract is so lucrative to them.  Thus expect a strike in 2011 or later.  The current executive team is obedient to Tilton (as is the BOD) so I doubt you'll see any changes.  The opportunity to sell UAL to CAL was mishandled by Tilton and thus I think he's changed his target.  Since he can't make his mark by creating the largest airline, I think he'll attempt to break ALPA instead.  As for the "pilot" management.  Since there are no UAL pilots worthy of working at the senior level we now have 2 former DAL and 1 ALPA Natl/NWA.  Of the three (Koshak, Attarian and Quiello) Kolshak is the most dangerous.  Attarian is essentially powerless and Quiello I have no knowledge of.  Kolshak's style is to blow up stuff and see what holds together & what falls apart.  If it holds together he may leave it alone.  If it falls apart he uses that as rationale for "change."  He's masterminded much of the negative you now see in the Ops grp that has resulted in additional furloughs and changes in operating procedures, some of which look like they will negatively impact safety.
    If you want to fly for the airlines, fly cargo, SWA, or Intl.  But have a really solid backup plan and never live on more than 1/2 your salary.
  • Having worked at UAL since 1985 I couldnt recommend this company as an employer to anyone.
    Dont waste your time here .Im not a so called "disgruntled employee" I base my judgement on having flown for 2 other Intl airlines in my career and having many friends and relatives who fly for other carriers..
    The managers here and the BOD are inept and have zero ability nor desire to run this company.Since 1979 the pilots and other labor unions have subsidised the airline via pay cuts,etc,etc except for approx 3 years,UAL doesnt know how nor care to learn how to run even a 7-11 store.
    Their sole goal is to simply dress it up in a short skirt and stroll the boulevarde til someone propositions them then they will be gone with their parachutes like the pimps they are..
    All the cash the employees have given,UAL pi$$ed it away...
  • No other airline fares better it's just the nature... [Continue Reading]