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Fleet Airbus A320, Embraer E190

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  • Phone interview to ensure you are still interested
    • Confirm flight times
    • Why JetBlue
    • Confirm valid email address
  • Email with instructions and paperwork instruct you about what to bring
    • Bring exactly what they tell you
    • Open all attachments, complete all forms
    • Follow instructions (one of the forms asks for blue ink)
    • Make an extra copy for yourself
    • "Shining Moment Story" should be very heavy on customer service

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  • Interviewed on 2/12. Questions came right out of this question bank. Good job! (02/22/08)
  • Get a cab to the HQ for the interview
  • Bring your bags with you, they can store them during your interview
  • Interviewers will write down everything you say, they rate your answers, but do not make the decision.
  • The hiring decision is made up of a hiring board consisting of pilots and management representatives, based on your paperwork, interview answers, and interviewers' scores.
  • On the flight in, introduce yourself to the crew (Pilots and F/As) and remember their names
  • Read "Flying high" and "Bluestreak"
  • Interview day is phase I, when you pass you go on to the background check-Phase II. If they offer you a class date contingent on successfully completing Phase II, be certain you can clear the background check before quitting your current job
  • I got the call for an interview 8 days prior to the interview date (10/27/2010). Once they set me up for a time slot, they sent a package of 16 attachments for me to read and fill out. Most of these mirror the online application and profile. You will have to come up with three Letters of Reference from people you?ve flown with that can vouch for your flying skills. JetBlue will set you up with space positive seats on a JetBlue flight to get to and from the interview, or you can book and pay for your own transportation (no more $400 credit to other transpo). Another change from the past -this is a one-day process- no hotel anymore.
    I highly recommend introducing yourself to the JetBlue Gate Agents, Inflight Crew (Flight Attendants), and pilots on the trip to and from JFK. I learned a ton talking with them, and they gave me a tour of the T5 terminal and the JetBlue crew lounge. I also got an opportunity to meet one of the JFK Chief Pilots in his office. Everyone without exception was super nice and very welcoming. I was absolutely amazed at the hospitality. Exiting T5, go upstairs to the departure level and go all the way to your right as you leave there?s a sign for the JetBlue shuttle. The shuttle departs on the half hour and will take you to the Forest Hills location after a short stop at Kew Gardens (about a 25 minute ride and good opportunity to chat with others).
    At the Forest Hills office, I was greeted, given nametags, fingerprinted, given a pee test, and then taken back to the waiting area where folks are hanging out. I handed over my log books and all the paperwork. A couple Chief Pilots were there answering questions and just hanging out to meet the interviewees. There was a mix of military and civilian (48 total interviewees that day), and was cool talking to everyone.
    The interview itself was very non-threatening, and they offered for me to take off my jacket if that was more comfortable. The pilot and People Dept rep were very nice and conversational. You?ll sit across from them at a round table in a room with other interviews going on. They explained the process, no tricks, just Tell Me About a Time (TMAAT) questions. They request answers in the Situation, Action, Result format. The also said that if you just couldn?t think of an answer or it didn?t really apply to you, no sweat, you could pass on up to three questions, and they would just choose another. The questions I answered:

    TMAAT you did something to enhance safety or security.
    TMAAT someone was difficult to work with and what did you do?
    TMAAT you used humor to diffuse a difficult situation
    TMAAT you had to get clarification on a task
    TMAAT you used one of JetBlue?s core values
    What do you know about JetBlue, and what is it about JetBlue that makes you want to work here?
    (I studied all of the questions that I could find on Will Fly for Food and other internet sites it?ll really get you thinking and is actually a pretty good self-reflec... [Continue Reading]