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Fleet CRJ200, EMB-170, EMB-135/140

Interview Profile

  • Updated 04/08/11

  • Interview usually starts at 0800 at the corporate headquarters in Indianapolis
  • Typically 4-8 interviewees
  • Start with video and presentation about the company
  • Written Test
    • 25 questions ATP-style test
    • See bank below
  • Cognitive Learning Assessment Test
    • "Wonderlic"
    • Evaluates thought process
    • Math and verbal problem solving


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Interview Question Bank

Written Test

  • 25 multiple choice questions
  • No time limit
  • Similar to ATP written
  • Study an ATP written prep book
  • No figures, except some basic Jepps chart reading
  • Decode METAR, TAF
  • Runway visibility- RVR question
  • Decode R24/2400ft
  • Preferred runway based on winds
  • Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Cognitive Learning Assessment Test

  • 50 questions
  • It's timed, but read instructions first
  • They tell you "no one finishes all the questions"
  • More important to get correct answers, don't guess
    Example questions:
  • Which of these shapes don't belong in the group, etc.
  • A physical education class has three times as many girls as boys. During a class basketball game, the girls average 18 points each; and the class as a whole averages 17 points per person. How many points does each boy score on average?
  • Randolph has 8 ties, 6 pairs of pants, and 4 dress shirts. How many days could he possibly go without wearing the same combination of these three items?
  • John is a mechanic. He makes $8.50 an hour, plus $3 extra for every oil change he performs. Last week he worked 36 hours and performed 17 oil changes. How much money did he make?
  • A box of staples has a length of 6 cm, a width of 7 cm, and a volume of 378 cm cubed. What is the height of the box?
  • What is the average of all of the integers from 13 to 37?
  • A basketball player averaged 20 points a game over the course of six games. His scores in five of those games were 23, 18, 16, 24, and 27. How many points did he score in the sixth game?

Technical Questions

  • Current Multi aircraft
    • Limitations
    • Airspeeds
    • Landing distance
    • Service Ceiling
    • Weight limits- max takeoff, max landing
    • Systems
    • Know all large ones- electrical, fuel, hydraulic
    • Focus on engine
    • Ice detection/protection systems

Human Resource Questions

  • Personal
    • What got you interested in aviation?
    • Why do you want to work for Republic?
    • What makes a company good to work for?
    • Any DUIs, DWIs, moving violations?
    • Do you have any CRM training?
    • When can you start?
    • Tell me about your flight training.
    • Tell me about your education.


  • PCATD made be ELITE
  • Set up to have flight characteristics of a Baron
    • Pitch sensitive- use the trim
    • Don't over control
    • RMI, HIS for navigation
  • Give you a few minutes to look at checklists, airspeeds, approach plate
  • Use the checklists
  • Make Callouts
  • ID Nav-aids
  • Make radio calls




  • I interviewed  with Midwest 16 years ago with 5400 hr of flying time, no busted checkrides, 2 typeratings . I got the job. Getting laid off is still might be better than the "shell game" new pilots face . Good luck
  • I attended the Republic Interview on Wednesday, 3/5/08 at their IND HQ. The Hotel is the Holiday Inn next to the "Pyramid" in north Indy. It is Not by the Airport, or downtown. The Lafayette Limo picks up outside baggage claim area, at the Transportation Center. Wait for the free limo! A cab is $55.00 and the other ride services in the center are about 35.00 plus tax. The hotel is fine,$41.00 plus tax. Food available in, or around the hotel. I suggest you prepare for eating breakfast in the morning prior to the interview. There is not so much as a crumb at Republic, and the machines are full of junk food and candy. Soda and water is $1.25 a bottle. They did provide coffee, however you aren't able to get to the coffee, or soda machines until near lunch time. So be sure to eat, or bring power bars. One guy couldn't stop saying how hungry he was. We were all laughing, but we were hungry too. All the machine had was Ho-ho's, chips, and candy. The gouge from the prior testimonial was right on. If you follow it to the letter, you should be prepared for everything. Everything is straight forward. Glenda and Captain Tim are very fair, professional interviewers. The tone of the interview was straight forward. I don't think they want to intimidate you in any fashion. They want you to know they are fair honest people representing a fair honest company, Republic Airways. I don't think they want you to be intimidated because you will be more relaxed, and they can tell if you will fit there company. Again, the people of Republic are great. I think they would be great to work for/with. The only not so straight forward part of the interview was the checkride. I will try to explain: (The profile was fair, take off level off fly to a published holding pattern and hold. Then do a full procedure ILS to mins., go missed back to the hold. Fair enough, and gives them a chance to see your basic instrument scan, and skills. The misleading part is the SIM guy gives you a checklist with power settings that will fly you through the roof! The PCATD is a Barron. Don't use the power setting on the checklist he provides. You better be prepared to use 25/24 for the climb, 23/20 for cruise, and 21/16 for approach and landing. If you don't, you are in for a long stressful sim. Overall the experience was good, but the sim is tricky. They said we would hear something by the end of the week either way. I interviewed 3/5/08, yesterday, tomorrow is Friday. I haven't heard anything yet. It has only been a day. Good luck. (03/05/08)
  • Have a list of names and addresses of past employers (11/02/07)
  • Bring copies of Medical, License, Passport, and all documents (11/02/07)
  • Standby travel to Indianapolis-
    • Do not check any bags (use carry-on only)
    • Plan ahead, give yourself options
    • If not looking good, call Linda Bannister or Kim Davies
  • You have to pay for your own hotel-
    • Holiday Inn North~ $39/night (Republic rate)
  • Pick up is at ground transportation, "Carey" booth
    • 20 minutes from airport/ 1 mile from headquarters
  • No lunch break. If you have a large group it could take a while; bring singles for the vending machine in the break room
  • Be sure to tell them you don't mind being a scab. Also the pay's fine, your parents like having you around the house. (09/28/10)
    • 3 on one Question Bank and Guide previously; Wonderful people  Great Experience; Relaxed atmosphere (02/28/11)
  • Interview was straight forward, very friendly people, no suprises. Interviewed on Friday offered job on Monday. Willing to work with you on class dates. (03/17/11)
  • Eleven individuals interviewed, all male. The group was very cooperative and enthusiastic toward each other, wishing each other good luck, etc.  Ages of interviewees ranged from probably 24 to mid-late 40s. Experience ranged from current EMB-120/145 pilots, to strictly BE-55(Baron) pilots. Flight times ranged from probably 2,000, to well over 8,000 TT. I'm going to say that probably each one interviewed got the job, due to how professional the group was as a whole. Republic has great people, very professional, and a wonderful facility. (04/08/11)
  • Study until you can't study anymore, look sharp, and do your best. Show them that you know what you're doing, and that you want the job, and you should be ok. (04/08/11)
  • The hotel info they list on the interview confirmation email is obsolete.  The Holiday Inn at 3850 Depauw Blvd is no longer a Holiday Inn, it's now some kind of water park resort.
  • I stayed at the Extended Stay America Indianapolis - Northwest - College Park at 9030 Wesleyan Road and would highly recommend it.  It was only a 5 minute walk from the hotel to the Republic's headquarter and cost me only $50 a night with tax and everything included.  The building itself was pretty old and the room smelled funny but I got used to it quick. (10/01/2011)