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Fleet CRJ200, CRJ700
Bases Knoxville TN, Charlotte NC, Dayton OH

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  • Updated 09/08/2011

  • Submit Resume via company website
  • Phone call to schedule interview
  • Email invitation to interview will have a lot of information in it
    • Paperwork- make sure it's accurate
    • Travel arrangements- set them up asap
  • Interview starts at 0930 at the US Airways training center in CLT
  • Usually 7-12 interviewees
  • Company introduction

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  • The written test is very accurate, I was there yesterday. Sim is very easy, keep your scan going and you'll be okay. (2/13/08)
  • The more you know the more they ask so be prepared (2/13/08)
  • I have been here over 2 years and i am nowhere near close to upgrading. Maybe in another year. (09/11/07)
  • Arrive about 10:15-10:30 for the 11am interview
  • They will tell you they want to hire you, and they mean it!
  • They are looking for good attitudes, current knowledge, and trainability
  • They keep saying they are going to change the written (and they did last year), so study the Gliem chapter introductions just in case
  • If you appear weak during the technical portion they will ask if you are sure of your answers
  • All of the charts I got were from CLT, study those especially the ILS 18R
  • Interview is 75% HR and 25% Technical
  • After the interview: PHONE CALL= GOOD!
  • Bad company to work for.  I've been at PSA for many years.  If you don't take my advise, you'll be sorry. Just don't say that no one told me. (10/11/10)
  • 2011 comments.  Say about 50 pilots short.  For only 500 pilots, that is a lot.  Looking to hire 8 per month.  Class size is only 4 pilots per basic indoc class.  Small company feel, and everyone seems to know each other.  Nice.  Hiring philosophy is they want good people who are trainable.  You don't have to know everything, just be trainable and open to feedback and seem willing to learn.  Completely different hiring philosophy then grilling an interviewee about technical details.  It was very fair, comfortable, but formal.  Of 7 who interviewed, only 1 was sent home short of going through the whole process (written, oral, sim).  All had over 1,500 hours and ATP.  5 of 7 had jet time.  More qualified people than I've seen at other interviews. (04/15/11)
  • 2011 Update.  Technical Questions: These are good to study, but I was only asked 5 questions. All stuff you should know anyway. (04/15/11)
  • 2011 Update:  Sim exactly the same.  Very fair.  Sim is stabile, easy to fly. (04/15/11)
  • 2011 scoop:  Interview: No calculations at any point.  No trick questions.  All very fair, stuff you should know. Pretty low stress, yet appropriately formal. (04/15/11)
  • Excellent gouge and very helpful. The knowledge based exam had a mix of both versions (pre and post 2006) which are listed here. Sim profile is accurate as well. Touchy as mentioned but remember you do have a non-flying pilot (examiner) who will retract your flaps, etc. Treat it like a two crew as necessary. Don't over trim and try to be as gentle as possible and you'll be fine. No one truly flies it perfectly and it's going to give them an accurate assessment of your scan very quickly. Still the MD80 set up. Honestly my sim evaluator was very nice and honestly he helped to take the edge off. Everyone was friendly and it is as has been reported - a formal but very comfortable process. Good luck to those pilots who are asked to interview. (06/11/11)
  • Used the LDA approach into DCA for the Jepp plate. Asked the brief the approach. Asked what normal GS intercept would be at a fix (read it from the plate on the profile view). Then we treated it as if GS inop so we finger flew it and asked about altitudes at different points along the way. What is the MDA, where's the MAP? Why is it so far out? Given a clearance "You're on XYZ heading. You get the following from ATC, 'Bluestreak ... [Continue Reading]