Kalitta Air

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Career Potential
Quality of Life
Company Website http://www.kalittaair.com/
Fleet Beoing 747-100/200, Boeing 747-400
Bases USA- Home Base

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Received a packegae via email on the hotel, date/time interview and sim profile

Shuttle picked us up at hotel.

Immediately did urine test.

Interview with Asst Chief Pilot.

Interview with HR


747-200, Paired with another interviewee

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Shuttle picked us up at hotel...5 of 6 showed.

Everyone was very nice.

In the SIM we both were shins and elbows but it was fun!  The 74 is alot of plane so be prepared to be wowed!

At the end of the day was fed pizza by company then released. Great experience and look forward to drivin the WHALE!