Hawaiian Airlines

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Company Website http://www.hawaiianair.com/Pages/Index.aspx
Fleet Boeing 767, Boeing 717

Interview Profile

  • Phase I (day one)

    • Fill out a report based on a mock problem while waiting for the intervivew
    • Interview with 2 Captains, 1 HR rep, 1 Flight Attendant, and 1 Dispatcher
    • All HR and TMAAT questions, no technical
    • Simulator Evaluation
      • Computer based MD-80 simulator
      • Given a plate and brief the approach, mine was an ILS into LAX
      • Take off from LAX heading west, climb to 5000' at 250kts
      • 2 steep turns, 180 degree heading change each
      • Fly to SMO VOR and hold.  I briefed a direct entry and then they started vectoring me.
      • Vectors to the ILS back into LAX and land



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