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Fleet MD11, MD10, A310, A300, 777F, 757, 727
Bases MEM, LAX, ANC, HKG, CGN (Cologne Germany)

Interview Profile

Phase One

  • Written Test in Memphis
  • If sucessful called for Phase Two
  • More Aviation based questions
  • Cognitive Assessment test still being given


Previous Experience

Day One

  • Show at 0700
  • Sim evaluation
    • DC-10
    • Given Briefing
    • See profile below
  • Back to hotel by early afternoon
  • Phone call to ask you back for day 2 if simulator was successful

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  • Most people stay at the Holiday Inn Memphis Airport, (901) 332-1130
  • Also close is the Holiday Inn Select East
  • They now have phases 1-4, with written test being phase 1 and then getting invited back for phases 2-4. (03/31/2011)
  • Anybody know what's on the written test? (ergo what has changed since the new format listed above....besides fleet type changes and new domicile (777F and Cologne, Germany, respectively) (... [Continue Reading]