Cathay Pacific Airways

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Fleet A330, A340, B777, B747-400
Bases Hong Kong, China

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Direct Entry First Officer
  • You will be flown to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific for the interview
  • You will be responsible for getting yourself to a city served by CX
  • Simulator Evaluation
  • Conducted in the 747-400 or 747-200
  • You will receive paperwork in advance specifying which simulator and giving you a profile and callouts to memorize

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  • Very pleasant interview process. Stressful, but pleasant. If you are a U.S. RJ pilot, I can't stress enough the value of a sim session before going across. The training is a little disorganized, and not at all what us North Americans are used to, but they are very supportive, and the process is relatively painless, as long as you meet them half way. Before getting on property, practice that ICAO R.T. as this is one of the big sticking points for those of us coming from a far more relaxed aviation culture. If you hit the ground with your R.T. standard, and you don't spend too much time in Dakota's (the company bar) training really is a breeze.

    Great company, great people so far (almost finished first year)
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