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  • Initial phone screening
    • verification of flight times and previous experience
    • verification of information on your resume
    • they will ask if you have ever been violated, had any accidents, incidents
    • have you ever been arrested?
    • Why Air Wisconsin?
    • Why are you looking to leave your present employer?
    • Any failed check rides?
    • Do you have a first class medical?
    • Ever entered into formal training course and not completed it?

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  • Microtel (PHL) is good place to stay- they drop you off at the interview building
  • If finished early, there is a bus that runs to PHL- ask the security personnel for info
  • ORF possible interviewers- Jeff (Chief Pilot), Anne (HR), Stacy (HR)
  • DCA possible interviewers- Eddie (PHL Chief Pilot), Dave (DCA Chief Pilot), Sara (HR)
  • Bring your bags to the interview- they will stow them for you
  • Everyone is very professional. If they call you for the interview, the job is yours to lose. They just want to see that you fit in (09/08/07)